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Hailing from the towns of Jujuy and Mendoza in Argentina, singer, guitarist and composer Horacio Martínez is one more living proof of what a fertile breeding ground his home country is for musical talent. Currently a resident of New York City, Horacio has had a busy career touring South America with some of Argentina’s best known orchestras, choirs and performers, including the renowned folklore band Markama. So it is not surprising to hear in his debut album, “Machao,” a hefty dose of tradition. His music is not a nostalgic recreation of the past, however. Horacio’s aesthetic is as much indebted to the modern sounds of jazz and pop as it is to his heritage, and this shows in the use of colorful harmonies, the surprising details of his intricate arrangements, and the earthy, cinematic quality of his storytelling. His melodies are playful, eccentric even at times in their sudden twists and turns, denoting a subtle sense of humor that is very refreshing. His set at Terraza will feature virtuoso violinist Sergio Reyes, bassist Carlos Menna and percussionist Franco Pinna–a powerful quartet that should do justice to Horacio’s beautiful songwriting.


Horacio Martinez/ Guitar Franco Pinna/ Drums Sergio Reyes/ Violin Carlos Menna/ Bass

Horacio Martines  Quartet at Terraza 7. Thursdays January 29th, 2015 at 9:00 pm

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