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John Yao Quintet

Experimental, melodic and unpredictable. The John Yao Quintet features the unique compositions of Trombonist John Yao, which are firmly rooted in the jazz tradition but not afraid to step out into the free-rider zone at times. Yao’s music gives the players free rein to let loose all the while exploring the concepts of opposing forces—of chaos and order, together and apart, individual and group.

Their 2013 release, In the Now (Innova), the Quintet received critical acclaim and in the summer of 2015 they returned to the studio to record their second album. The new recording, to be released in mid-2016, will feature an entire set of new compositions featuring this groups unique set of talents.

Dan Bilawasky of All About Jazz says “freedom and streamlined focus don’t often get along on jazz recordings, but when they do, it can make for an inspired outing. Trombonist John Yao managed to merge these divergent pathways into a single direction on his debut album, creating a flavorful feast for the senses. Yao’s music is teeming with danger and uncertainty.”

Lucid Culture says “In the Now … blends vivid tunefulness, clever composition and inspired teamwork.It’s accessible, but it’s also cerebral, and there’s also considerable wit here … Yao’s arrangements and voicings are original, imaginative and completely in the here and now.”


Jon Irabagon / Soprano Sax

Randy Ingram / Piano

Peter Brendler / Bass

Shawn Baltazor / Drums

John Yao / Trombone & compositions

John Yao Quintet at Terraza 7 on Friday April 15th, 2016 at 8:30 pm.

$10 cover for mezzanine

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