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“Josh Deutsch’s No Chairs Ensemble”

The No Chairs Ensemble is the latest project from trumpeter/composer Josh Deutsch. Inspired by the vibrant nightlife and energetic brass bands of New Orleans, NCE is taking jazz out of the dinner club, and bringing it to the party. With raucous horns, and energetic grooves, they invite the audience to get up out of their chairs and move. No one will be shushed for talking, no polite clapping necessary. You just have a good time, No Chairs Ensemble will provide a soundtrack of original tunes and re-imagined classics.


Josh Deutsch / Trumpet/compositions Dylan Heaney / Tenor sax Danny Fox / Piano Peter Brendler / Bass Alex Wyatt / Drums

“Josh Deutsch’s No Chairs Ensemble”at Terraza 7 on Friday December 18th, 2015 at 9:30 pm.

$10 cover for mezzanine

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