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MONECO has quickly burst on to the New York Neo-Cumbia scene with their unique blend of Chicha, Cumbia, and Rock. Their aggressive sound and entertaining stage presence has audiences coming back for more. Featuring an eclectic repertoire that includes Chicha classics, converted Rock and Pop hits, and original material, MONECO’s infectious rhythms are always turning any show into an event. The band’s members come from distinct backgrounds and professional environments. Eric Kurimski has dedicated his artistic output to the music of Peru and this ensemble showcases his blazing guitar. He splits his time between playing with MONECO and the first lady of Peruvian music- Eva Ayllon. Yayo Serka is an established drummer and percussionist and is active as a composer and arranger in MONECO. Often touring with Lila Downs, Claudia Acuña, and other world music and jazz luminaries, Yayo also produces local artists, including Los Chamanes, and is using his expertise to help produce MONECO.


Eric Kurimski – guitar; Jorge Olmedo – vocals, guitar and percussion; Joel Mateo – drums; Dan Martinez – Bass;

Moneco at Terraza 7 on Saturday April 4 , 2014 at 10:30 pm. $7 cover charge for mezzanine


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