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Terraza 7
Your Neighbourhood Institution

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Terraza 7 is a live music venue and community center; the perfect hub for local art, political expressions, and your favorite coffee or mixed drink.

Located in the heart of Queens, New York, between Elmhurst and Jackson Heights, two locations containing the most diverse population of immigrants on the planet, is committed to a progressive model of business that grows within its community base on local values.

Through Jazz and Folk music of the immigrants that thrive in Queens, music workshops, progressive activism, community and political partnerships, owner and active community member Freddy Castiblanco build an intercultural bridge, a dialogue among cultures, offering the opportunity for a cultural experiment that lets us have a better understanding of the human complexity, cultural diversity and exercising our creativity and solidarity.

Local jazz musicians, songwriters, Folklorists, bold experimentalists, among others alike find a commonplace at Terraza 7 to “hangout” and exchange their knowledge and ideas to create beautiful music and art forms.

Every night on our amazing hanging stage and 2nd floor anfiteatro , there is something for the curious-minded; either live music, a literary event, film screening, or a workshop.

Terraza 7 also encourages local and like-minded non-profits to use the space for an event, meeting or fundraiser

Join us 7 days a week,  from noon to midnight.

We have Happy Hour everyday from Noon to 7:00 pm.

We have Wi-Fi free (Terraza7)– Feel free to bring your computer.

To perform at Terraza 7 contact our musical curator: Freddy Castiblanco at

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