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“LADO B” / Rock POP
“LADO B” / Rock POP

Mon, Mar 11


Terraza 7

“LADO B” / Rock POP

LADO B, a New York-based independent rock band, fuses South American zest with global influences, creating introspective lyrics and textured sounds. Their originality captivates, offering a fresh, transcendent rock experience.

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Time & Location

Mar 11, 2024, 8:30 PM – Mar 12, 2024, 11:00 PM

Terraza 7, 40-19 Gleane Street, Elmhurst NY 11373

About the event

“LADO B” / Rock POP Presented by Terraza 7 Date: Monday, March 11th, 2024

Time: 8:30 pm.

Admission: $15: Cover at Mezzanine.


  • Marcelo Dominguez / Guitar
  • Ricardo Ponce / Bass
  • Victor Babylonia / Drums; Cajon

About Lado B:

LADO B is a trailblazing independent rock band from New York, blending diverse influences from South America to the British Isles, infused with the spirit of their metropolitan melting pot. Their sound is a journey through introspective lyrics and rich, textured soundscapes. They cut through the uniformity of modern music with originality, leaving audiences enthralled at every performance. Redefining 21st-century rock, LADO B offers a unique, boundary-crossing musical experience.

About Marcelo Dominguez:

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Marcelo Dominguez is a versatile musician with a diverse background. Trained at the Conservatory of Classical Music of General San Martin and the Conservatory of Jazz Music, he learned from masters like Dina Galvan and Enrique Andreola. Moving to New York in 2002, Marcelo immersed himself in teaching and refining his craft, studying under American Jazz greats like Nick Russo and Jimmy Hershman.

In 2003, Marcelo became the lead guitarist for Planta, a rock collaboration with singer-songwriter Ricardo Ponce. The band evolved over the years, releasing their debut EP "Unwind" in 2014. Marcelo also co-founded the acclaimed jazz duo Gorocelo with guitarist Goro Negoro.

Today, Marcelo teaches music and guitar across New York City while actively recording and performing with various bands. He's also pursuing his solo guitar project, showcasing his original compositions at venues across the city. Marcelo's journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to musical excellence and creative exploration.

About Ricardo Ponce:

Ricardo L. Ponce, a Queens-based composer, musician, and sound designer, has been a staple of the NYC music scene since 2003. Originally from Buenos Aires, Ponce graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico de Música Contemporánea in 1992, specializing in bass and composition.

As the founder of the alternative rock band Planta, Ponce has left an indelible mark on the indie-rock landscape for over two decades. Alongside his performing career, he's established himself as a sought-after producer and engineer, working with artists in Argentina and the United States.

Ponce is deeply entrenched in the local music community, overseeing concerts at Terraza 7 and operating his own recording facility, Brokentime Studio, since 2003. Collaborating with Seth Fein at Seven Local Film, he's contributed his talents to various projects, including the documentary "Our Neighborhood."

In addition to his professional pursuits, Ponce is a dedicated single father to his two daughters, Emily and Matilda. His commitment to music, sound design, and family underscores his passion for creativity and community engagement.

About Victor Babilonia Jr:

A drummer whose early passion for music and percussion blossomed into a vibrant career that's as dynamic as the beats he plays. His journey into the heart of rhythm started in his youth, inspired by the timeless sounds of classic rock. Victor didn't just take to the drums—he soared, demonstrating an innate talent that quickly set him apart.

As he honed his craft, Victor's dedication propelled him to master a variety of techniques across an eclectic range of genres. From the driving force of rock to the complex patterns of jazz, the funky grooves to the traditional beats echoing his Colombian roots, Victor's drumming is a tapestry of his broad musical influences.

Victor's adaptability and flair for improvisation have earned him a reputable standing in the bustling New York City music scene. He has lent his rhythms to a diverse array of artists and bands, seamlessly blending into each new style while leaving his distinctive mark.

Beyond performing, Victor has expanded his repertoire to include composition and music production, further cementing his status as a multifaceted and creative force in the industry. His projects have been as varied as his skills, from the rock-centered vibes of Mr. Floyd to the innovative sounds of Blssom, the collaboration with Cesar López (Vampiro), the versatile sessions with Drummers Collective, the fresh rhythms with Guachinangos, and the latest venture with Planta.

Victor Babilonia Jr. isn't just a drummer; he's a musical storyteller whose energy and passion resonate through every performance, inspiring musicians and music lovers alike. His journey is a continuous rhythm that shapes the soundtrack of his life and the lives of those who experience his music.


  • Mezzanine

    Gain privileged access to the concert at Terraza7's Mezzanine, where you'll enjoy the intimacy of a private space with seating. Immerse yourself in the melodies and rhythms, all while being in close proximity to the talented musicians.

    +$0.38 service fee



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