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Alejandro Florez Trio

Alejandro’s music makes part of a large movement that is boiling in my home country. The publishing label, Festina Lente Discos, is curating an amazing collection of artists. The albums are all quite distinct from each other, with nods to traditional Colombian and South American music, jazz, rock, funk, punk, metal, the avant garde and experimental, and even to classical and contemporary music. They have in common a sound that is fresh and adventurous, a sound that strives to be real in the face of so much overly made-up music.

“Distancing himself from exoticism, guitar player [Alejandro Flórez] dives deep into the sounds of the Colombian Andes, presenting a music that is anything but Naive. Here there is nostalgia, happiness, and the company of Colombian, Peruvian and North American musicians who imprint a very colorful air on this memorable disc.”


Alejandro Flórez / Guitar

Juan Mayorga / Drums

Ricardo Gallo / Keys /synth.

Alejandro Florez Trio at Terraza 7 on Wednesday, February 15th 2017 at 8:00 pm

$10 cover charge for mezzanine. FREE admission for CHILDREN 12 and under.


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