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Antonio Arnedo is a well known Colombian composer, saxophone player and cultural manager, highly influential in the contemporary scene of popular music in Colombia and Latin America. Through his relation to jazz and his exploration of Colombian music he has achieved a unique and distinctive musical language. His creative capacity has enabled him to captivate different audiences, standing today as a representative and consolidated figure.    In 1991 he was chosen from a large number of participants to represent Colombia in the world saxophonists contest sponsored by the Thelonious Monk Jazz Institute and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. His talent was then rewarded with a scholarship at the Berklee College of Music, where he was later awarded the BCM Award for best student, and graduated Cum Laude in 1994. In New York’s scene, he has worked with big names such as Ben Monder, Bruce Saunders, John Hollenbeck, Chris Dahlgren and Satoshi Takeishi, and among others. His music has been heard in different places and by many audiences in the world. Representing Colombia, he has traveled to Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Spain, the US, Uruguay, Peru, Portugal, Mexico and Venezuela. He is currently the director of The Conservatory at The National University of Colombia.

According to the critics both in Colombia and abroad, his records Travesía (1996), Encuentros (1997), Orígenes (1998), and Colombia (2001/2005) represent a very important contribution to Colombian music. His work Hay Otra Orilla (2006) was published in Argentina. Border Crossing (2009), made in NY is an exploration base in his experience with Colombian music vocabulary and the encounter of it with contemporary music. His last recording, Fronteras Imaginarias is going to be released in Brazil in June 2015.

Photo taken by Javier Gamboa – @Casa 9·69 Review by Mauricio Becerra


Franco Pinna/ Drums Alexis Cuadrado/ Bass Ben Monder/ Guitar Antonio Arnedo/ Sax and compositions.

Antonio Arnedo Cuartet at Terraza 7 on Sunday May 31st, 2015, at 8:00pm $10 cover charge for mezzanine

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