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Carlos Cuevas has been enjoying a successful music career for nearly 30 years. His experience as pianist, keyboardist, composer, and arranger has allowed him to explore virtually every avenue of the music scene on-stage and in the recording studio worldwide.

“Cuevas possesses gifts as a player and composer, which he marshals to concoct and execute complex music that nonetheless demands almost nothing of the listener. Listening to Uninhibited Realm is like examining a vase that’s been created by someone from a school of artisans known from their flawless craftsmanship. It has no blemishes, no nicks, no rough edges or asymmetries-nothing to betray the identity of the individual who made it, other than his or her affiliation to this particular school.”

-Robert Doerschuk, DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE

“A former Keyboard Unsigned Artist of the Month, Carlos continues to produce top-notch jazz, both as a player and a composer. Carlos perfectly meshes the orchestral textures with his unique trio sound, and I highly recommend you listen to the results. We said it before and we’ll say it again-Carlos is one to watch.”


“A fine jazz pianist and composer, Cuevas expands on his classical influences here. Bolstered by guest star bassist John Patitucci, a vibrant jazz trio set is followed by a three-movement concerto including sixteen-piece chamber orchestra. Sumptuous.”



Carlos Cuevas / Piano

Gabriel Vivas / Bass

Ronen Itzik / Drums

CARLOS CUEVAS TRIO at Terraza 7 on Friday January 1st, 2016 at 9:00 pm.

$10 cover for mezzanine

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