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Dilemastronauta “Experimental Beats”

“The astronaut is one of the few individuals who gets an opportunity to see the earth as a whole from above and by doing that a new sense of being part of a big picture is brought upon him”.

This new vision is what has inspired Andres Jimenez who is a drummer, percussionist, arranger, song writer and composer from Bogota Colombia and who is based in New York city since 2000: “Dilemastronauta is my attempt to depict the Astronaut’s dilemma which is -I am from here but also from there, I am from everywhere… it is the immigrant’s dilemma here on earth, I try to translate this feeling into sounds and visual art.”

Dilemastronauta’s sound is always evolving and changing over the years as different social, cultural and political issues influence the band. But one thing does not change and that is the commitment to play new music, free music, honest music that reflects a world not bounded by borders or nationality. 2011, Dilemastronauta released an album by the titled of “Astronauta en Tierra”


Ricardo Gallo / Keys, Isaiah

Richardson / Harmonica; Sax; Clarinet.

Juan Ospina / Bass, Vocals,

Dilemastronauta / Drums

Dilemastronauta “Experimental Beats”  at Terraza 7 on Thursday, February 16th, 2017 at 9:00 pm

$10 cover charge for mezzanine. FREE admission for CHILDREN 12 and under.


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