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Greg Diamond and Nuance

Critically acclaimed Brooklyn-based guitarist, composer, and bandleader Greg Diamond creates music inspired by Latin American sounds and rhythms which he seamlessly infuses into the context of modern New York-style jazz — with modal harmonies, odd meters, and various other elements that comprise the city’s vibrant and dynamic musical tapestry.   All About Jazz hails Diamond, who is of mixed Colombian and Jewish-American origin,  as “a rising star in the New York jazz scene..”.  Latin Jazz Network writes that Diamond is a “composer of great maturity and genius” and also featured his sophomore release “Conduit” (Dot Time) as an Editor’s Pick for “Best Albums of 2012”.  Indeed, Diamond has cultivated a distinguishable sound, with his own his writing, a crack ensemble, and also for his use of the electric guitar, an instrument rarely utilized in the context of contemporary latin jazz.   New York since the early 20th century has been known to the world as a cultural “melting pot” — that trend still continues today in the music scene, and Diamond’s musical journey is a testament to that.


Alex Apolo Ayala / Bass

Juan Felipe Mayorga / Drums

Greg Diamond / Guitar; Arrangements & compositions

Greg Diamond and Nuance at Terraza 7 on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 8:30 pm.

$10 Cover Charge for Mezzanine; FREE admission for CHILDREN 12 and under.

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