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Tyler Blanton Electric Trio

The new Tyler Blanton Electric trio has been performing frequently in NYC for the past 2 years and is creating a buzz for it’s unique sound and group chemistry. At it’s core is drum maestro Ari Hoenig, supported by bassist Massimo Bioclati. The band is lead by vibraphonist Tyler Blanton who plays synthesizers and samplers controlled through a malletkat midi controller. This electric vibraphone setup is applied in a unique way by Blanton, who is generating notice for his modern approach to the instrument. The trio draws on funk, fusion, and electronic elements which are brought together through fresh group interplay.


Tyler Blanton / Malletkat, Synths Massimo Biolcati / Electric Bass Ari Hoenig / Drums

Tyler Blanton Electric Trio at Terraza 7 on Friday October 9th, 2015 at 9:30 pm.

$7 cover for mezzanine

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