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Adderesound is the first musical group catalogued as Mexican Fusion comprised of top musicians from Mexico and New York City. Originated in Mexico and created by Rudyck Vidal (composer, arranger, bass player and vocalist) Adderesound evolved when Vidal and Marilyn Castillo (vocalist and composer) moved to New York City: where cultures collide and the genuine identity of the band emerges.

From enhancing “Las inmortales de la epoca de oro” (“The inmortal songs of the golden age”) of Hispano-American countries with refreshing arrangements, Adderesound’s original compositions -from ballads, chilenas from Guerrero and norteñas- portray different settings and take the listeners to different regions and times of Mexico and other parts of the world.

The creativeness and musicality of Rudyck Vidal and Marilyn Castillo render a tribute to the richness of Mexican folklore. New York City broadens their experiences and makes them embrace their traditions even more while creating a bond with different music of other nations that add to the unique sound of the band.


Marilyn Castillo / Voice; Guitar

Rudyck Vidal / Bass; Voice

Alejandro Florez / Guitar

Juan Felipe Mayorga / Drums

Guillermo Barron / Percussion

Nash Guillermo / Trumpet

Adderesound at Terraza 7 on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 10:00pm.

$10 cover charge for mezzanine. FREE admission for CHILDREN 12 and under.


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