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Celebrate Mexico Now Festival / Closing Night

Celebrate Mexico Now Festival pays tribute to Terraza 7 and the independent music community in New York.

Located in the heart of Jackson Heights, Queens, one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the US, Terraza 7 has served audiences and the artistic scene for over 15 years. In particular it has nourished the music community, as an incubator of new bands and collaborations.

For our Closing Night, and as an homage to Terraza 7’s visionary leader Freddy Castiblanco, we invite you to come and enjoy a night of creativity and lots of music. Don’t miss experiencing this wonderful cultural oasis which will close its doors at the end of 2016.


6:00- 6:20pm:     TWTM – Giovanni Escalera

6:30 – 6:50pm:     Ulalume y Carlo Nicolau

7:00- 7:20pm:      Rana Santacruz

7:30- 7:50pm:      Trio los Tres de Oros

8:00 -8:20pm:      Jarana Beat

8:30 -9:00pm:      Radio Jarocho + Zenen Seferino

Celebrate Mexico Now Festival / Closing Night @ Terraza 7; Sunday October 30th, 6:00 pm

FREE admission


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