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Celebrating David Bowie By Prasanna Band

For his Feb 6 engagement at Terraza 7, Prasanna brings together the talents of vocalist Shalini, keyboardist Manu Koch, bassist Steve Jenkins and drummer Keith Carne (from the world renowned band ‘We are Scientists’) to celebrate the music of the great David Bowie. The band will play some of Bowie’s most iconic songs mixing elements from Indian Carnatic music, Bollywood, Psychedelic and Punk Rock, Jam band and a lot more. In addition to Bowie songs, the band will also play songs of Prasanna and Indian super star film composer A.R. Rahman taking the journey even further!


Prasanna / Guitar

Shalini / Vocals

Manu Koch / Piano; Keyboards

Steve Jenkins / Bass

Keith Carne / Drums Celebrating David Bowie by Prasanna band at Terraza 7 on Saturday February 6th, 2016 at 8:00pm (ONLY ONE SET)

Tickets: $15 cover for mezzanine; $10 ground floor; FREE admission for CHILDREN 12 and under.


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