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Cuadro Latino

Spanish-born, NYC-based composer and accordion player Victor Prieto has discovered a whole new language for his instrument. In his hands, it trips and dances, growls and laughs. It captures all the luminous fluidity of a perfect jazz line, or bursts with dance-ready sensuality and wry humor. From the town of Ourense in Galicia, Prieto’s roots extend into everything he does. Yet they do not limit his wild creativity, which springs from a love of jazz, a childhood spent in South America, surrounded by its sounds, and a willful fascination with pushing the boundaries of keys and bellows

“The accordion is the instrument that gathers people together to have fun. Even though in jazz, it’s not a popular instrument, everyone who came to the US, say, they listened to the accordion all the time,” Prieto muses. “The importance of the accordion in American musical history is huge.” And Prieto is determined to write the latest, unexpected chapter in that history.


Alex Kautz / Drums Richar Padron / Guitar Carlo De Rosa / Bass Victor Prieto / Accordion

Cuadro Latino at Terraza 7 on Friday November 4th, 2016, at 9:30 pm.

$10 cover charge for mezzanine. FREE admission for CHILDREN 12 and under.


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