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Cumbia River Band

CUMBIA RIVER BAND, Martin Vejarano’s (Chia’s Dance Party, La Cumbiamba NY) brand new project draws from a festive repertoire of Colombian Cumbia standards. These all time favorite Cumbia hits will take you back to the golden years of the genre as well as inspire you to dance and contemplate the joy and energy that this Cumbia River brings along. Featuring tuba, accordion, clarinet, percussion and voice, the band delivers a captivating sound.


Sonia de los Santos/ Voice

Evan Perry/ Accordion

Andrew Madej / Tuba

Juan F. Montoya / Drums

Cristian Rodriguez / Percussion

Martín Vejarano / Clarinete

Cumbia River Band at Terraza 7 on Friday February 29th, 2016 at 10:30pm. $10 cover charge for mezzanine


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