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Bassist and composer Edward Pérez joins forces with the powerful voice of French-Carribean born singer Christelle Durandy to present a night of Peruvian songs. The group presents a repertoire ranging from invigorating festejos to sultry landos, freely combining traditional Afro-Peruvian elements with jazz, funk, and other latin styles, creating a vision of costal Peruvian music that could only come from New York.

Edward Pérez has performed with many of the greats in the Afro-Peruvian genre (Eva Ayllón, Chocolate Algendones, Juan Medrano Cotito, Sergio Valdeos, Chevo Ballumbrosio, Gigio Parodi, etc). Also known for his work as a jazz bassist, he has toured throughout the world, performing in many of the worlds foremost venues and recorded on a CD nominated for Grammy in the category of best Latin-jazz album. Vocalist Cristelle Durandy is equally at-home in styles ranging from Salsa to Jazz, Funk and Soul. Since arriving in New York, she has become a mainstay on the latin scene. She sings with a sweetness that will make an entire room silent on the edge of their seats or with an infectious energy that will make an entire crowd dance.

Performing: Christelle Durandy / Voice Eric Kurimski / Guitar Kan Yanabe / Congas Juan Felipe / Drums Jeremy Smith/ Cajon Carlos Cuevas / Piano Edward Pérez / Bass and arrangements

FESTEJATION at Terraza 7 on Friday June 17that 8:30pm $10 Cover charge for mezzanine

FREE admission for CHILDREN 12 and under.


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