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Jarana Beat is back with more of their contagious charm and good vibes. Come to Terraza and celebrate with an authentic Fandango experiencing the true essence of México and its people. Jarana Beat is a world music band that uses the fusion of Mexican and Latin American folk instruments and rhythmic elements that create an environment for expressing popular themes using traditional verse structures as the pastern, sextuplet or décima.

Composed of professional immigrant musicians from Mexico interacting with performers from all over the world. Using dance rhythms and footwork like Son Jarocho, Son Guerrerence, Son Huasteco, Cumbia and Rumba, among others. Jarana Beat has been offering for more than two years, a journey through the Afro-Amerindian culture in New York’s art scene.

Jarana Beat at Terraza 7. Saturday May 2nd, 2015 at 10:30 pm.

$ 7 cover charge for mezzanine


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