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Jazz Maalika’s Jackson Heights Block Party

Jazz Maalika’s Jackson Heights Block Party is inspired by and rooted in the neighborhood. It combines Indian, Latin, and African American music in ways that that get hips shaking and minds exploding. This Indo-Latin funk jam fuses Bhangra with Salsa, Cumbia with Dandiya, gaitas with ragas, all in a groove that springs from the streets of New York City.

Jazz Maalika (‘Garland’) is a pioneering foray into Indo-Latin-Jazz fusion, ornamenting Indian ragas seamlessly into the jazz idiom, through Cumbia and Salsa, and back again. Produced by Saptak Jazz, tabla player Dr. Maitreya Padukone’s own label, Jazz Maalika has emerged from decades of collaborations with the array of musicians in this ‘garland’ of sound: Lenny White, The Harper Brothers, Steve Gorn, Sonny Simmons and the Cosmosomatics, Ustad Sultan Khan, Emefe, and Nile Rogers. Jazz Maalika’s first album with the Cosmosomatics was on the Critic’s Choice list in the UK’s Jazz Journal, Avotcja’s top 16 jazz CDs for 2013, and has received accolades from All About Jazz and Downtown Music Gallery.


Neil Padukone /  Guitar, Sitar, Oud, Vocals

Barry Johnson / Electric Bass

Maitreya Padukone / Tabla, Dholak, Vocals

Javier Ramos / Congas, Cajon, Cowbell, Latin Percussion, Vocals

Philip Harper / Trumpet, Shankha (Indian Conch shell)

Larry Bustamante / Baritone Saxophone

Jazz Maalika’s Jackson Heights Block Party at Terraza 7. Saturday April 23rd 2016 at 8:00 pm.

$ 15 cover charge for mezzanine

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