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This small representación of the large quota of young musicians that are a part of the urban musical district currently, is born in the capital of Venezuela in 2010. The Summoned, only asking where the “thing” is, went to the meeting and thanks to that now you and I can enjoy the wonderful music of this collective experience. The only rule of Joropo Jam is to play joropo and, at least in this chapter, without intentions to set patterns, impose tendencies, tastes or refer to innovation or modernization. The musicians were just asked to play joropo just like each likes to play it, without paying attention to time, style or instrumentation. Thats why when listening to there performance, no one should become estranged by the diversity of colors, tones or formats that the will find, as well as the notable differences between each song. It happens to be, and we must clarify, that Joropo Jam is not a group per say, its more like a sonorous portrait of what could be any meeting and jam between our musicians, one of those occasions where they loose track of time playing and improvising their favorite music. Joropo Jam is a celebration where we are invited to. Reason why we invite those who listen to them to let them selves go without pre conceived ideas, judgements and that way taste one by one the musical surprises from each song. Because of all this, we can’t pretend that Joropo Jam solves the dilema of weather Caracas has or not a joropo. At this stage surely it’s more about sharing our conviction that our citys’ joropo is probably the marvelous sum of all the joropos that live in our country. This is why this approach, and with that our desire, that each makes their own conclusions. -Alejandro Calzadilla Valle de Caracas, 2011-

Performing: Eduardo Betancourt/ Harp Edwin Arellano / Bass Manuel Alejandro Rangel / Maracas

JOROPO JAM Sunday September 4th at 7:00 pm

$15 cover charge for mezzanine. FREE admission for CHILDREN 12 and under.


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