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Of all the amazing musicians that we’ve had the fortune of meeting and hosting through our 14-year journey, Diego Obregón is perhaps the most iconic one. His story and his music are exemplary of the many things we like to showcase, and of the ideals that Terraza as an entity embodies. Almost entirely self-taught, yet heir to the beautiful (and until recently virtually unknown) tradition of Colombian marimba players, Diego came to the US as an artist, but was forced to survive the life of the immigrant worker. Even through a great deal of hardship, his tenacity and talent carried him through years of grueling work, where he managed to learn on his own how to read and write music, work with technology and become a prolific composer and producer. As if that weren’t enough of an achievement, his prowess as a representative of his tradition was quickly topped by the originality of his compositions–the freshness of a sound born out of lineage and sculpted by life in the Capital of the World. It is not without pride that we at Terraza can claim a small stake in that immense artistic legacy that he has produced. That’s because, along our history, Diego has been present not just as an artist on the stage, or using our space as a musical laboratory to concoct his creation, but because he’s been a part of our team, often helping build and rebuild the venue with his own hands. It makes us very sad to see him go, but we bid him farewell knowing that better times are ahead for him. Join us for an evening celebrating this good friend’s music, a rare opportunity to hear the sounds of marimba and currulao played by one of its most extraordinary ambassadors


Franco Pinna/ Drums

Alejandro Florez/ Guitar

Jeremy Powell/ Soprano Sax

Nestor Gomez/ Cununo and Chorus

Diego Obregon/ Marimba/Vocals /Bass

Diego Obregon & Grupo Chonta at Terraza 7 on Saturday January 30th, 2016 at 10:30 pm.

$15 dollars suggested donation


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