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“VIENTO CALLEJERO” (Street Breeze), a musical journey formed on January 2013 composed by three talented musicians, together bring a fresh approach on urban tropical music stripped down to feature its rawest elements much like the cumbia which is played all over Latin America and VIENTO CALLEJERO represents this rhythm in Los Angeles, breaking down the rhythmic and melodic pulse of Cumbia Colombiana, Son Montuno, Merengue, Reggae, Dance Hall, and Rock to create a new sound that is infectious to the listeners ears, hips, and feet.

VIENTO CALLEJERO represents how the ‘Movimiento Cumbianbero’ continues to break ground through urban lenses of today’s street artists. They were initially influenced by the Big Band Cumbia sound of composers such as Colombian legend Lucho Bermudez. One of Viento ‘s objectives are to create a big band sound and produce música bailiable (danceable music) that can both push the boundaries what dance music should sound like and still make you want to move your hips.

Gloria Estrada/ Guitar/Accordion/Vocals Federico Zuniga/ Bass/Vocals Tony Sauza/ Lead vocals/Percussion Gabriel Villa/ Drums/Vocals

“VIENTO CALLEJERO” at Terraza 7 on Wednesday July 1st, 2015 at 9:30 pm

$8 Cover charge for Mezzanine


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